Drosera extract

Drosera extract

A real anti-cellulite plant. This is how many consider Drosera from which an exceptional extract full of very beneficial active substances is obtained. It is a natural advantageous product that improves the appearance of the body skin after a few applications. Let's see in detail what it is.

Generalities on Drosera

When we talk about Drosera we refer to a resistant carnivorous plant. Known for centuries in folk medicine as it treats infections and muscle tension very well. In addition to having to consider that in the cosmetic field it is present in some formulations that are applied to areas of the body where there is cellulite. The species are very numerous: the plant is well spread throughout the world, with the greatest biodiversity, especially in South America, South Africa and Australia.

Extract of Drosera: for what?

Drosera Ramentacea extract is very useful in aesthetic treatment. It is used by us as it guarantees a very soft and linear appearance of the skin which can return to its normal elasticity. Thanks to this substance, the lipolysis process, also known as lipid catabolism, is well triggered. Translated into practice, it can be said that Drosera extract guarantees a better metabolism of fats: these will not accumulate in areas of the body such as buttocks and hips, in addition to the lower abdomen. This metabolic process allows the release of free fatty acids and glycerol, favoring the proper functioning of cells throughout the body.

The properties of Drosera extract

It can be said that Drosera extract is a natural product that leads to a number of very important benefits. First of all, fat accumulation is reduced in the adipogenesis process.

This leads to less fat accumulation, as well as ensuring a good modeling and reducing effect which is fundamental for those who want to find the best shape. Also suitable for those who want to lose weight.

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