Horsetail extract

Horsetail extract

Horsetail Extract: what is it?

Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense Leaf Extract) is a precious medicinal plant used since ancient times for therapeutic purposes. The Horsetail is a very common plant in humid places, it grows spontaneously along the banks of rivers, in ditches and in grassy soils rich in water. It prefers clayey soils. In Italy it can be found mainly in the northern area and its stems are collected in June. It is popularly known as horsetail and is considered the only plant species that contains a high concentration of silicon . The presence of this important mineral, in addition to other antioxidant substances, make horsetail a real panacea in the cosmetic field. Furthermore, the plant exerts a powerful diuretic action which is able to counteract water retention and that unpleasant phenomenon of orange peel skin .

Properties and characteristics of Horsetail extract

Helps improve the condition of nails and skin , thanks to its high silicon content, which can increase collagen production. Applied to the nails, it can cleanse them of bacteria, fungi and toxins, but it can also prevent the onset of eczema, wrinkles and pimples on the skin. It is also a good slimming , thanks to its diuretic properties, but it can only eliminate liquids (it does not burn fat). Horsetail is astringent, hemostatic and revitalizes cells. Due to the high content of silicic acid, this plant stimulates the metabolism of the skin and connective tissue. Horsetail can also be a remedy for slow wound healing. Transformed into a cosmetic product, horsetail helps - thanks to its high mineral content - to hydrate the skin. Products containing horsetail are recommended for those with normal to dry, sensitive and inflamed skin, as well as for those suffering from dermatitis or eczema.
Summarizing the main properties that this extraordinary plant offers in the cosmetic field:

• astringent
• renews cells
• strengthens metabolism and connective tissue
• healing and haemostatic effect
• moisturizing properties
• ideal for dry, sensitive and inflamed skin
• ideal for the treatment of dermatitis and eczema

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