Anti-Aging Face Creams

The Best Face Creams that exploit the essence of NATURE

LOVVES revolutionizes the world of skin care and anti-aging cosmetics

The aging process must be experienced by women in a positive way, without feelings of insecurity, recognizing their value and their beauty exactly as we are. As we age we often become happier, wiser and more authentically ourselves. LOVVES wants to help create this female consciousness by supporting women of all ages, enhancing their natural beauty with specially designed cosmetic products.

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Strong Lifting Cream
Regular price €114,00 €79,80
Stem Cells 50+ Face Cream
Regular price €128,00 €89,60
Nourishing Rich Night Cream
Regular price €104,00 €72,80
Day Face Cream Spf 30
Regular price €103,00 €66,90

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Strong Lifting Cream

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Strong Lifting Cream

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