Discount Codes Regulation

  1. Discount codes are alphanumeric codes that, entered at the time of checkout on the website, give the right to an additional discount that cannot be combined with other discount codes, even if automatic.
  2. Discount codes may be offered for promotional or commercial purposes in electronic or paper form.
  3. The discount codes can be conveyed in different ways including:
  4. via e-mail as part of direct marketing campaigns,
  5. by means of paper supports (coupon discount),
  6. in different ways also by Italiansun partner companies.
  7. In the same way as if the alphanumeric code is communicated, the amount of the discount code will always be clearly indicated.
  8. Discount codes without an expressly defined duration can be deactivated at any time. unquestionable decision of Italiansun (seller).
  9. Discount codes can also be used to purchase products already in promotion.
  10. To benefit from commercial incentives through discount codes on the website, in the checkout phase it is necessary to type your discount code in the appropriate field.
  11. The discount codes used will not be returned in case of cancellation of an order.

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Cosmetic spatula equipped with ball for face and eye contour massage

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