Asiatic Pennywort Extract

Asiatic Pennywort Extract

Asiatic Pennywort extract is an exceptional emollient and toning agent. It also acts very well as anti-inflammatory, healing, anti-cellulite and elasticizing .


This extract is obtained from the leaves of the herbaceous plant of the same name, native to areas such as Madagascar and India. It typically grows along waterways where it can find the right nourishment. It has always been used in Chinese medicine due to its healing properties: Centella asiatica extract was already used in the past as a natural solution to treat animal injuries.

The active molecules of Asiatic Pennywort

From a chemical point of view, the triterpene component of the plant acts thanks to the asian acid and the madecassic acid . These stimulate the collagen production very well, as well as perform an anti-inflammatory and venotonic action. Which suggests that Centella asiatica allows you to maintain a good level of health of the blood vessel wall. Therefore, the extract of this plant is used for anti-aging treatments, or even to improve the healing of the skin following trauma and burns, as it improves the functionality of the microcirculation and restores skin elasticity.

Properties of Asiatic Pennywort extract

As regards the properties of Asiatic Pennywort extract, they are different and all very useful for those who want to take care of their skin. Here are the main actions of this natural product:

The use of Asiatic Pennywort extract allows to make the skin more uniform and compact, also giving brightness and greater softness.

It greatly improves blood flow and promotes structure more elastic skin. It gives firmness to the tissues.

Calms and soothes the actions of various external agents on the skin that is so protected from all those daily stresses that can compromise well being.

This is a very important feature for those who want a treatment plumping , very effective against wrinkles .

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