Guarana extract

Guarana extract

Guarana extract is a natural substance that brings with it a number of very important benefits. This has stimulating and revitalizing properties: very suitable in the cosmetic field for anti-aging products, as well as face and eye creams .
Without forgetting that there are formulations with Guarana extract that also work well for treatments for cellulite .

Indications of Guarana extract

Guarana extract is particularly recommended due to its lipolytic action on localized fat deposits. Think, for example, of cellulite: the caffeine present inside this plant starts lipolysis very well, that is the dissolution of excess fats (lipids). It is considered an excellent antibacterial and antioxidant, with caffeine also acting as an agent to purify the body.

Guarana extract is well known also because of its slimming and astringent characteristics, useful for those who want to combat aging.

From a chemical point of view, the Guarana plant is particularly rich in tannins and mineral salts, as well as vitamins that guarantee well being to the skin.

The plant

Guarana is a plant that belongs to the Papindaceae family. It is a climbing liana, typically growing spontaneously in the Southern Amazon Forest.

Contains caffeine in good concentration: just think that, inside the seeds of this plant, you can find a concentration that is approximately double that found in coffee beans.

Very beneficial natural substance

What can be said is that Guarana extract is a natural substance that is very good for the skin.

It is used to improve micro circulation in the deeper and deeper layers of the skin, giving it elasticity and softness.

Ideal for those who do not want to show the signs of the passing of time.

With Guarana extract you can have a solution actually functioning which does not expose the body to any kind of danger.

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