Horse chestnut extract

Horse chestnut extract

The horse chestnut is a plant belonging to the horse chestnut family, its extract is obtained from the seeds of the plant left to dry after harvesting and is used in our cosmetics thanks to its decongestant and vasoprotective properties .


Horse chestnut contains flavonoids, an important nutrient that helps keep the skin supple and protect it from the harmful effects of UV rays . It also has a vasoprotective action that allows the tissues to be adequately oxygenated, thanks to which cell regeneration is favored and consequently there is a greater production of collagen and elastin.

Among the properties of the horse chestnut extract (Aesculus Hippocastanum Extract) there is the decongestant , this is very useful for relieving swelling of the eye contour , and helps to drain bags and dark circles .


Horse chestnut extract also contains escin, an active ingredient that has anti-edematous properties and is used to counteract redness of the face, especially that characterized by excessively low temperatures or poor microcirculation. For this reason, cosmetics with horse chestnut extract are recommended for those who have skin with a tendency to couperose , fragile and thin skin.

The importance of allantoin

Inside the horse chestnut extract there is also allantoin which has a calming and soothing action and is useful in counteracting rashes and skin irritations (also used in baby hygiene products). Allantoin also counteracts the appearance of wrinkles and promotes the synthesis of collagen , an important protein because it captures water molecules and allows the skin to be hydrated for a long time. Thanks to its keratolytic properties it helps in exfoliation of the skin and has a protective action. It facilitates wound healing and for this reason it is also used in cosmetics prepared for those with acne problems.

Who should use allantoin based creams

Cosmetic products based on horse chestnut extract are recommended for those who have fragile and thin skin and consequently need to use delicate products with soothing and emollient effectiveness. They are recommended for people with couperose problems, sun spots and with delicate skin.

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