Mallow extract

Mallow extract

What is Mallow extract?

Mallow (MALVA SYLVESTRIS EXTRACT), scientific name Malva silvestris, belongs to the Malvaceae family and is native to the Mediterranean regions where it grows up to altitudes of 1300 meters. Its composition includes: mucilage, anthocyanins (belonging to the flavonoid family), calcium, vitamins and pectin. Always known as a medicinal plant for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and laxative properties, it is widely used as a remedy for problems with the digestive system (stomach and intestines). Mallow extract finds wide space in cosmetics as a component of creams, cleansing milks, after-sun products, thanks to its action emollient, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing. It is also used in the production of detergents for intimate hygiene. Cosmetics containing mallow are suitable for skins dry and sensitive.

Properties of mallow: mallow is widely used in cosmetics, in creams and products for topical use. It is used to soothe eczema, insect bites and sunburn. It is present in anti-aging beauty creams or for dry and reddened skin. Let's see in detail the individual beneficial properties of mallow.

Antioxidant and healing : the antioxidant properties from different parts of the plant and from the extract of the seeds make it an excellent component for anti-aging preparations and for the protection of mucous membranes and skin. Creams and preparations containing mallow counteract skin aging by increasing the elasticity of the skin. Furthermore, recent studies have shown its effectiveness in regenerating skin tissue, making mallow a good remedy for speeding up the healing of wounds.

Emollient : thanks to the presence of mucilage, it gives the skin hydration and softness. It is indicated to improve skin well-being, reduce the sensation of itching and counteract the reduction in the amount of water.

Anti-inflammatory : the anti-inflammatory virtues of mallow work to reduce localized or chronic redness and inflammation. Specifically, mallow is used with excellent results to treat or soothe various problems including eczema, psoriasis, hives, pimples and sunburn.

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