Lemon essential oil

Lemon essential oil

What it is and its properties

Lemon essential oil is obtained from the fruits of Citrus Limonum. In particular, it comes from the lemon peel, that is, the shell is worked through a cold pressing process, which produces an oil that is left to rest for a certain time, to then be purified and distilled to obtain the essence.

Properties and benefits

It is known for its many properties, it is useful for fighting cellulite but not only that, it is the natural product with a thousand uses. Very useful for both health and cosmetic products, lemon essential oil has unique properties and benefits .
Thanks to the exceptional content of nutrients that lemon has, this essential oil is able to do many things: fight respiratory infections, offer a great contribution to the immune system (since it facilitates the production of white blood cells in the blood), regulate the stomach pH by helping to calm acidity, detoxify the body from toxins that inhibit the formation of acne.
Use in cosmetics : oil Lemon essential is considered to be one of the essential oils that are high in vitamin C, B (essential for healthy skin, hair and nails) and A (carotene-antioxidants). As such, it has the main cosmetic properties, that is to aromatize products such as soap, colognes, perfumes; its pleasant and fresh aroma stimulates a good mood. Among the various cosmetic properties that it possesses, among other things, the essential oil of lemon is astringent, that is helps to eliminate acne and to make the spots on the skin disappear.
Lemon essential oil : thanks to its antioxidant properties, lemon essential oil treats stains that arise due to excessive sun exposure and at the same time helps in the exfoliating process skin, eliminating dead skin and allowing new, healthier skin to appear. This is why it is an excellent natural anti-wrinkle remedy . By helping to remove dead skin, it opens pores allowing for better oxygenation and stimulates the collagen production process, providing better skin elasticity and appearance. As for its use against stretch marks, caused by the rupture of blood vessels, lemon essential oil is very useful for improving the appearance and eliminating the elasticity present.

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