Cosmetic spatula equipped with ball for face and eye contour massage

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Technical features:
spatula made entirely of metal (zinc alloy and steel), silver colour, dimensions 1.5 x 10cm, weight 30 g


Recommended for taking, applying the product and massaging the face and eye contour. Our fingers, however clean they may be, contain microorganisms that can proliferate quickly in a favorable environment such as cream, polluting it and causing it to deteriorate in a short time with the alteration of the active ingredients it contains. For this reason it is better to use a spatula, which in addition to being perfect for taking the right amount of cream, allows us not to contaminate the product while keeping it intact. The perfect accessory to use also for other products such as serums, foundations, concealers, etc. Easy to clean after use.
The cosmetic spatula will guarantee your face and eye area a boost of energy every morning. The ball on its tip not only refreshes wonderfully, but also improves microcirculation. Thanks to it tired eyes and bags under the eyes will be just a bad memory.

It helps the active ingredients penetrate more deeply into the skin, stimulates circulation and collagen production, helping to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Used constantly, it helps to oxygenate the skin and reshape the contours of the face, remove toxins, relieve stress and tension, drain swelling and reduce inflammation. Suitable for the delicate eye contour area to reduce dark circles, bags, expression lines, making the skin more elastic and luminous.

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Ways of use

Pick up the right amount of product with the flat part (tail) of the spatula. Apply the product on the back of the hand or, if you prefer, directly on the face. Distribute the cream, using the spatula and then with your fingers, evenly over the entire face. Then use the round part of the spatula (head) to make micro-rotations along the expression lines of the face, from the inside outwards. Use the round part also on the eye area, with the appropriate specific product for the eye contour, starting from the inner corner and going towards the outer corner of the eye, repeating the gesture several times. At the end of the application and massage, always remember to wash the spatula thoroughly with water and dry it. To obtain an extra refreshing effect, place the tool in the refrigerator. Remember that the tool contains zinc, in case of any sensitivities to this metal.



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Cosmetic spatula equipped with ball for face and eye contour massage

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