Alba wax

Alba wax

Alba wax is one of the best natural substances for those who want to take care of their skin.

It is beeswax which is widely used in cosmetics due to its emulsifying and protective properties .

Without forgetting that it binds aqueous and fatty substances very well, guaranteeing an excellent result from an aesthetic point of view.

Notions on Alba Wax

When we talk about Alba Wax we refer to a type of wax, very clear, produced by honey bees. It has a whitish color, even if the completely natural Alba Wax could have a light yellow to brownish color due to the presence of resins and other impurities.

Why use it

Alba Wax is very important in cosmetics for several reasons. First of all, it prevents an emulsion from separating into its liquid and oily components. Therefore it guarantees integrity to many creams that act as antiage.

In any case, it should be noted that it is a natural product very useful and safe .

The properties

Alba Wax has a number of very interesting properties that you need to know.

It carries out a protective action on the skin thanks to the formation of a special film that acts as a barrier of the superficial skin layer, that is the one exposed to external agents.

It tightens the skin very well, keeping it compact and promoting natural breathing. Suitable for those who want to give their skin a softer and more elastic aspect.

Alba Wax acts as an excellent moisturizer as it contains emollient substances that allow it to hydrate well the various skin layers. Recommended especially for those with dry and very chapped skin.

Suitable for those who have various kinds of irritation problems. Vitamin A and the carotenoids present inside guarantee excellent antibacterial properties.

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