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High Natural Cosmetics

At LOVVES we believe that Beauty and Health must go hand in hand, without compromise!

Our line of products Made in Italy of the highest quality comes from constant innovation and the search for balance between nature and well being in compliance with a phytocosmetic philosophy of beauty.

All the natural raw materials used in the formulation of our cosmetics are totally safe, sustainable and "Cruelty Free" (no tests on animals).

LOVVES products are Clinically and Dermatologically tested , they do not contain potentially dangerous common allergens that can cause reactions on the skin. Guaranteed safety on every production batch.

LOVVES products are Nickel Tested , a Nickel content of less than 0.0001% (1 ppm) is guaranteed. It must be said that there is no cosmetic product completely exempt from the presence of this metal but it can be certified, as in our case, the minimal presence that in fact avoids the possibility of allergic reactions. Safe use .

Our investments in research and development are always aimed at guaranteeing the safety of the consumer which for us is an essential aspect.
Within our laboratory, rigorous quality control concerns the throughout the production process, skin compatibility tests, chemical and bacteriological analyzes and stability tests are carried out scrupulously. These internal control activities are flanked by tests carried out by external certifying laboratories and by the Cosmetology Center of the University of Ferrara with which our structure collaborates.

Our laboratory has adopted the Integrated System for Quality Control Management ( SGQI), obtaining the ISO 22716 certification concerning the Good Manufacturing Practices of cosmetic products. Our priority is to reserve the utmost care for the management and control of the production process, also in full compliance with the regulations governing the production of organic cosmetics .

LOVVES cosmetics are PARABEN-free , no chemical preservatives harmful to human health are used. Our choice is always aimed at guaranteeing the safety of our customers. Uncompromising quality.

LOVVES products are SLS & SLES free ; these are chemical surfactants often used in body cleansing products that generate an aggressive action on the skin as they deprive it of its natural hydrolipidic film with consequent dehydration of the same. These, like other allergenic agents, are not present in our cosmetics. The safety of your skin is our priority .

Our cosmetics are also 100% free of: PEG, Silicones, Paraffins, Alcohol, Dyes.


Finally, it should be remembered that all formulations and technical data of our cosmetics, as well as the safety assessment, are subject to communication to the Ministry of Health (PIF) and notification to the European portal (CPNP).

In order to preserve the efficacy of the active ingredients, all LOVVES products are stored in a controlled temperature environment with Haccp certification (protocol used by the food industry).

The health of the consumer is and will always be at the center of our attention! We put all the Love and Passion into our work to ensure the maximum quality and safety.

Also in this LOVVES is always by your side.

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