Coco Caprylate Oil

Coco caprylate oil

Coco caprylate oil is a derivative of coconut oil capable of moisturizing, nourishing and softening the skin. It can be used alone or included in the ingredients of cosmetics,in particular those with organic formulation. .

What is coco caprylate oil

We all know that silicones are an important element of many cosmetics , but they have a limited temporal effect, in fact they make the skin soft only for a short time after application, but they can damage the cute for this reason silicones are marked with a red dot on the inci scale. In cosmetics, silicones are replaced by coco caprylate oil.

Coconut oil from a chemical point of view is a ester between alcohols and medium-chain saturated fatty acids. From a physical point of view it appears transparent, odorless and rapidly absorbed. What makes it highly valued for its organic origin and therefore it is safe and does not harm the skin.

Properties of coco caprylate oil

Coco caprylate oil has moisturizing and emollient properties, these characteristics make it optimal as an ingredient for serums and creams for face and body skin.

Also in this case our choice for this ingredient is dictated by the fact that it is a natural product, moreover thanks to its moisturizing properties it gives softness, repairs the skin, prevents cracking.

Benefits for the skin

Used on the face, it is able to deeply hydrate and prevent the appearance of wrinkles . The skin immediately appears soft and silky, it also gives brightness. Thanks to its non-greasy and oily texture it can also be used to nourish and hydrate acne prone skin.

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